What does didactics include?

What does didactics include?

Didactics in the narrower sense deals with the theory of teaching, in a broader sense with the theory and practice of teaching and learning. According to Johann Amos Comenius (1592–1670), didactics is the “art of teaching”, while the “art of learning” is math.

Why is didactics important?

Didactics as a science and the teaching of teaching and learning. Didactics as the theory of the educational content, its structure and selection or the teaching and learning objectives and the teaching / learning content and tasks assigned to them. Didactics as a theory of controlling learning processes.

What is a didactic function?

Didactic functions are the intentions with which learning activities are carried out. Their selection results in their own teaching strategies.

What does the didactic concept mean?

The didactic conception is about exploring all essential components of the planned learning environment and combining them in a way that is conducive to learning. A love of technology and personal preferences have no place in e-learning.

What teaching concepts are there?

143) can be attributed to the efforts of reform pedagogy: Free work: Integrated frontal teaching. Genetic teaching and learning: Action-oriented teaching: Project teaching: Problem-oriented teaching. Student-oriented teaching: Open teaching.

What are the teaching phases?

Lesson phase Introductory instruction into the lesson topic, transition with the central question or problem orientation. Development (possibly divided into partial steps or into groups) Summary / securing results / presentation of results, if necessary. Deepening through application / exercise / transfer / reflection.

What is a didactics subject?

In the didactic subjects you concentrate on the educationally relevant content and methods of a subject, take into account curricula and deal with the planning and implementation of lessons. In the didactic subjects, the focus is on the “how” of teaching a subject and reflecting on it.

What is elementary school didactics?

Primary school didactics has the fundamental task of developing and evaluating scientific designs and models for learning and teaching in primary school.

What are the didactic consequences?

Didactic consequences in this work can be seen as results, statements or tendencies that arise or emerge during the investigation. The advantages and disadvantages of dynamic geometry programs are not to be weighed up here.

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