What does double blind mean?

What does double blind mean?

Double-blind means that neither the patient nor the treating doctor know who is receiving which therapy. This is only possible through randomization to groups. The aim of blinding is to evaluate the results as objectively as possible.

How does a blind study work?

A blind study is a form of experiment in which the test subjects do not know whether they belong to the experimental or the control group. This eliminates the influence of expectations and behaviors that would be triggered by this information.

What is blinding?

The aim of blinding is to minimize the bias that can arise when knowledge of the assigned action influences assessment and treatment. There are often prejudices that can lead patients or doctors to overestimate one of the alternatives.

What types of clinical trials are there?

Clinical Drug Trials Phase 1 Study. The first application of the new treatment method to humans will take place in phase 1 studies. Phase 2 study. Phase 2 studies are primarily used to find the right dosage for a new drug. Phase 3 study. Phase 4 study.

What is meant by clinical?

Clinical is a term used in medical slang that can have different meanings depending on the context. Clinical is mostly used as a short form for “clinical signs” or the “clinical picture”, i.e. for directly recognizable symptoms and complaints of the patient.

What is a randomized clinical trial?

The randomized controlled trial (RCT) is the highest quality form of a clinical study to examine the effect of a treatment (e.g. a drug) on ​​a defined event, e.g. healing rates, but also side effects, complications or deaths.

What is randomization?

Randomization (also random allocation, word origin of randomize from English randomize, too random for “random, aimless, random, arbitrary”) is a procedure in which the test subjects (for example participating patients) are assigned to different groups using a random mechanism …

How do you rate a study?

In order to assess whether a study provides reliable data, it must first be checked why it was carried out in the first place and which question it examined. That sounds banal, but it is crucial in order to be able to recognize whether the study can even answer the research question asked.

How is a study structured?

There are basically two strands: theoretical studies and empirical studies. Empirical studies are based on empirical values: data are collected, which are methodically and systematically evaluated. Empirical studies can be characterized by different characteristics.

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