What does environmental protection mean for children?

What does environmental protection mean for children?

When it comes to protecting the environment, you ensure that the environment is not harmed. The environment is, in the broadest sense, the earth on which we live. The protection of the environment emerged at a time when people realized how far pollution had come.

What is the environment for me?

Environmental protection means preserving the environment of people and also their health. And of course the habitats of animals and plants should also be preserved.

Why should we be sustainable?

So sustainable development is a kind of rule for how people should act. They must consider the consequences of everything they do. The consequences for other people are important, as are the consequences for nature and the environment. Sustainable is what is compatible with people and the environment in the future.

Why should we care about the environment?

The aim of nature conservation is to protect nature, be it plants, animals or regions. A conservationist protects animals and plants because of the animals and plants. Species protection is so important from the point of view of the conservationist because the animals themselves are worth protecting.

Why are animals so important?

Animals help protect the environment, crayfish and coral keep seas and rivers clean, and earthworms, like this one, improve soil quality. You can find out more about pollution and environmental protection in our topic: “Environment and climate”.

What is nature for man?

Diverse food, clean water and healthy air are among the most visible benefits that nature offers to people. This has led to the controversial belief that nature is primarily a source of benefits or raw materials.

How is nature created?

The formation of the earth About 4.6 billion years ago, the material of a young star ignited. The sun comes into being, then our solar system and with it the earth: a cloud of gas and dust forms the basic body.

What is a natural philosopher?

The philosophy of nature attempts to grasp nature in its entirety and to describe, theoretically explain and interpret it in its general and particular structures. Subject of theoretical, practical and aesthetic judgments.

Who are the Pre-Socratics?

Since German Romanticism, those Greek philosophers of antiquity who worked before Socrates (470–399 BC) or were not yet influenced by his philosophy have been referred to as pre-Socratics.

Why is nature important to children?

Why is spending time outdoors important for child development? Time in nature promotes mental and social development – be it creativity, joy of discovery, concentration or empathy. Play behavior outside is much more interactive and active than inside.

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