What does everything belong in the appendix?

What does everything belong in the appendix?

What should be in the appendix? All documents that are important for understanding your bachelor thesis, but not part of the running text, are attached to the appendix. As a rule, these are mainly extensive documents such as interview transcripts or questionnaires.

What comes in the appendix of a project work?

So only if you have additional material that you refer to in the text, you also need an appendix in your term paper. This can be, for example, interviews, corpus data, images, tables or questionnaires.

Are attachments listed in the table of contents?

The appendix in the table of contents It must be read in the table of contents that the thesis contains an appendix. However, it is not always necessary to break down the content here again. The formal reference to the appendix follows the bibliography in the table of contents.

Which abbreviations do not belong in the list of abbreviations?

Generally known abbreviations are not included in the list of abbreviations … B. etc. etc. approx. Dhuab or cf.

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