What does everything belong in the main part?

What does everything belong in the main part?

The main part tells the core of the story, namely what happens. It must be written in an exciting way and contain all the information. Literal speech can also be used. The main part contains the climax of a story.

How many homework bullet points?

The structure of a term paper consists of 3 parts: introduction, main part, conclusion. A good outline of a term paper is uniform and designed according to the topic.

What do you have to have for a presentation about a book?

Book presentation: create a book presentation, choose the right book, structure the book presentation in a plausible manner, state the most important facts of the book, give a short, meaningful summary of the book, give a well-chosen sample, your personal opinion.

What must be on a book poster?

Book presentationBook title.Author.Pictures of all important people and your opinion. (Book cover) (Logo) (Image of your favorite scene)

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