What does exclausted mean?

What does exclausted mean?

Exclusion. Exclusion or exclusion means that a member of the order no longer lives within the cloister.

Which mark at 67%?

below 81% up to and including 67%: grade 3. below 67% up to and including 50%: grade 4.

How is the journeyman’s examination calculated?

Calculation of the overall result of the journeyman’s examination Example: You achieve 80.7 points in the customer order. 80 points are shown on the certificate. There is no commercial rounding. However, it is calculated with 80.7 points up to the overall result of the journeyman’s examination.

What is journeyman’s examination part 1?

Part 1 of the examination is a legally dependent part of the journeyman’s examination. It can therefore not be challenged independently. There is no possibility of repeating part 1 on your own before taking part 2 in the event of poor or insufficient performance.

Who decides on admission to the journeyman’s examination?

In order to take part in the journeyman’s or final examination, certain criteria must be met. In the case of journeyman’s examinations, the chairperson of the examination board decides on admission; in the case of final examinations, the responsible body decides.

Who registers the apprentice for the exam?

Who registers trainees for exams? Registration for the final examination is carried out by the training company. The competent chamber will send the student an invitation for the candidate in good time, which must then be completed within a specified registration period and returned with your consent.

When will you not be admitted to an intermediate examination?

According to Section 43 (1) of the Vocational Training Act, anyone who has completed the training period is admitted to the final examination. In the case of an apprenticeship over 3 years, the Chamber of Commerce would tolerate a maximum of 70 days of absence without further testing. …

What does the trainee have to give the trainee free of charge before the start of the training?

Before the start of the training, the trainee should draw up a company training plan based on the training regulations and hand it out to the trainees free of charge.

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