What does it take to become a real estate agent?

What does it take to become a real estate agent?

The term real estate agent is not legally protected. But in order to be self-employed and to broker real estate as a broker, you need a trade license and a permit in accordance with 34 of the trade regulations. Both documents are requested from your local municipality.

How much do you earn as a real estate agent in training?

In the first year of your dual training, your gross salary is 950 euros per month. In the second year it is already 1,050 euros and in the third year your wage increases to 1,180 euros.

In which subjects do you have to be good to become a real estate agent?

You should be good at GERMAN and MATHEMATICS. Well-groomed expression in spoken and written would be an advantage. as a real estate agent, your grades should be quite good.

Can you become a real estate agent without training?

Anyone can become a real estate agent without professional training. To do this, however, you have to meet some formal requirements and submit the necessary documents in order to obtain the brokerage license. You need a business license according to 34c GewO to be allowed to work as a real estate agent.

How long does the training to become a broker take?

The training to become a real estate agent usually lasts 3 years. In the case of particularly good performance, the training period can be shortened by half a year upon request. The training takes place alternately in the real estate company and in the vocational school.

Am I suitable as a real estate agent?

In order to be allowed to carry out this activity, a degree or training or further education in the real estate sector is required. You also need the permission of the competent authority that you can work as a broker. The degree program through which you can work as a real estate agent is Real Estate Management.

Why do you want to become a real estate agent?

A competent and reputable real estate agent helps to compare your own wishes with the realistically achievable result and to offer your purchase / rental property on the market in such a way that it also meets demand and is not sold below value or becomes a well-known “slow seller” because it is offered too expensive.

What can you study to become a real estate agent?

Degree programs such as real estate management or business management with a focus on real estate and housing are offered by the University of Technology and Economics in Berlin or the University of Regensburg. Training as a certified real estate specialist is possible at the chambers of industry and commerce.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate agent?

What exactly is the difference between the two professions? The real estate agent does not own any real estate, but receives a commission from the buyer or seller for successful mediation. The real estate agent, on the other hand, owns real estate himself and rents it out.

What does a real estate agent earn?

Salary comparison – gross income For comparison: a real estate agent earns an average of 2400 euros a month, whereas a real estate specialist has an average salary of 3000 euros a month.

What do you do as a broker?

Realtors procure and prepare all the necessary documents, take photos and present the property to be sold from its best side. They are also experts in real estate valuation and determine the target group before a property is presented online and offline.

How can I start my own business as a real estate agent?

The only permits that are required to become self-employed as a real estate agent are a business license and a business license. The business license according to § 34 c is granted to everyone who can show a police certificate and is neither in debt nor in bankruptcy proceedings.

Which business do I have to register as a real estate agent?

The profession of real estate agent is not one of the liberal professions, so that a business registration is purely formally necessary. A simple business registration, however, is not enough: According to Paragraph 34c of the Trade Regulations, an official permit is also required in order to be able to practice this profession.

Which legal form should you choose as a real estate agent?

The solution: choose the right legal form. Brokers should start their company as a GmbH, UG or Ltd. the insurance journal continues. The reason: If the brokerage company is a corporation, the company is liable with its capital and no longer the broker with its private assets.

How do you build a real estate company?

Establishing a real estate company: What requirements do I have to meet? At least one legal or natural person upon establishment. Articles of association with notarial certification. Share capital of 25,000 euros. 500 euros minimum deposits. Entry in the commercial register. Valid business account.

Is a Real Estate Agent a Freelance?

In principle, you can work independently in the real estate industry without having special qualifications. To work as a real estate agent, you need a permit in accordance with § 34c GewO to exercise the trade. “Brokers, investment advisors, property developers, construction supervisors” are recorded here.

When do I need a broker’s license?

Real estate agent’s license (approval according to §34C Gewo) What is usually meant is the approval for real estate agents according to §34C of the trade regulations. This approval is required by everyone who wants to work independently as a real estate agent and this approval is also often referred to in everyday parlance as a “broker’s license”.

Can I broker real estate?

There is only one problem: the brokerage profession is not protected. Anyone who has a trade license for this is allowed to broker real estate, even without training. “They don’t understand anything about appraisal, even though it’s a real estate agent’s basic tool.

Can the broker determine the buyer?

The owner decides who to sell what, not the broker.

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