What does it take to become a teacher?

What does it take to become a teacher?

You can’t do the training to become a kindergarten teacher with every school leaving certificate. You need at least an intermediate degree or an equivalent school education as well as practical professional experience. In some cases, completed vocational training, for example as a childcare worker, is also required.

How does a teacher training course work?

The guideline is 2 – 5 years if you complete the training as a full-time educator. The “classic” full-time teacher training at a vocational school usually lasts 2 years, in many federal states you then complete a one-year internship, the so-called recognition year.

What subjects do I need to be good at to become a teacher?

So in the subjects German, English, music and art, your grade should not be worse than a 3. In any case, basic knowledge of English, German, music, art and biology is important to you. Your grades are generally better than mine and because of 1/2 4s you are certainly suitable for it.

How can I become a kindergarten teacher?

The requirements for the training can vary depending on the federal state, in some the applicants only need a secondary school leaving certificate, in others a high school diploma is required. Applicants for the profession of kindergarten teacher should have extensive general knowledge.

Why don’t teachers get any money during their training?

Salary in the training to become an educator is school training that takes place at special vocational schools and for which there is no legal entitlement to training remuneration. As a rule, as an educator you will therefore not receive any salary during your training.

What does a kindergarten teacher earn in the first year of training?

This variant offers a salary from the first year of apprenticeship that is often even paid according to the collective agreement. In the first year of training it is between 700 and 830 euros gross per month, in the second year between 750 and 900 euros gross per month and in the third year of training up to 950 euros per month.

Is the teacher training paid for?

Up until now, the majority of applicants for this profession have not received any money during the training period, and in some cases the trainees even have to pay school fees. But since tens of thousands of educators are being sought nationwide, Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD) wants to change that.

How is a teacher paid?

The educators in Germany are paid according to the TVöD SuE remuneration table for their social and educational services. Educators are in the public service and therefore receive their salary according to the collective agreement. To what extent these collective agreements receive an increase, educators themselves can change very little.

How much do you earn in PiA training?

PiA training as an educator and training allowance According to this, you can already earn between 736 and 981 euros in the first year of training, and even between 8 euros in the last year of training.

How much does a kindergarten teacher earn?

On average, an educator earns CHF 4,760 per month. Half of them receive between CHF 4,078 and CHF 5,732 per month.

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