What does law school bring you?

What does law school bring you?

The biggest advantage of studying law is learning abstract thought structures that allow you to quickly break down even complex issues into their component parts and gain an overview.

Why do so many law students drop out?

Many drop out because it is just too much work for them. And besides, many fail the exams.

What percentage drop out of law?

More than a quarter of law school dropouts only pull the ripcord after the tenth semester. Overall, the dropout rate for law at 24 percent is below the subject average (32 percent), but is far higher than in other courses with state examinations.

What’s so hard about law?

A law degree is more difficult because of the emotional component. Sometimes bad lectures in the first year, years of continuous learning and at the end the pressure of an all-important exam marathon, these are the biggest challenges for most law students.

How hard is the law exam really?

Exam. There is no such fuss about any academic degree as about the two-part finale of the law degree: the first and second state examination (since 2002: “First State Examination” and “Second State Examination”). It is considered difficult, mysterious, incalculable. That is right and wrong at the same time.

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