What does my family name mean?

What does my family name mean?

The family name is part of a person’s name. It completes the first name and expresses the affiliation of the name bearer to a family.

Where does the name come from?

The father’s first name then became the family name. If the father’s first name was Otto, then all family members were called like this by surname: his wife was called Maria Otto, his eldest son Karl Otto, the next son Johann Otto, etc. Some surnames also refer to the place where someone comes from.

What does the name say about a person?

According to his theory, names have a character and give the wearer a life path. A person’s name says a lot about his soul and his fate. If a name begins with the letter P like Peter, it implies a restless personality who can move a lot.

What does ratisbona mean?

Regensburg is a multi-layered city, as can be seen in the many different names that it has borne at all times. The oldest city name, Ratisbona, probably goes back to a Celtic form; In its origin, the assumed name * Ratasobona means “dwelling place of a Rataso”.

What is Regensburg known for?

After the cathedral, one of the most famous sights in Regensburg is probably the Stone Bridge, which connects the historic old town with the “Stadtamhof” district. The Regensburg Cathedral of St. Peter, which was started in 1273, is also one of the city’s landmarks.

Is Regensburg beautiful?

Today Regensburg is the most beautiful city in Germany – and the boys’ seminar in Obermünster has been torn down.

What’s in Regensburg?

Regensburg (from Latin Castra Regina; also Ratisbona and Ratispona) is the capital of the administrative district of Upper Palatinate with the seat of the government of the Upper Palatinate as well as the district administrator of the district of Regensburg and an independent city in Eastern Bavaria.

Which river flows near Regensburg?

Regensburg and the Danube – one cannot be imagined without the other. The city has always lived from the river.

Where did Regensburg come about?

Regensburg is located at the northernmost point of the Danube. The city goes back to the foundation of the Romans, it is today the capital of the Bavarian administrative district Upper Palatinate, seat of the princes of Thurn and Taxis, and has a famous cathedral, in which the Regensburg cathedral sparrows sing.

In which district is Regensburg located?

The district of Regensburg is the southernmost district of the administrative district of Upper Palatinate in Eastern Bavaria and completely surrounds the independent city of Regensburg. In the south it borders on three districts of Lower Bavaria.

In which region is Regensburg located?

The administrative seat of the district of Upper Palatinate and the seat of the government of the Upper Palatinate is Regensburg. Until 1954, the administrative districts of Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate were administered jointly.

What is the capital of the Upper Palatinate?


What does the Upper Palatinate have to do with the Palatinate?

Every now and then we are confused with Rhineland-Palatinate, which is probably due to the name. And indeed there is a connection: parts of the Upper Palatinate have belonged to the Palatinate on the Rhine with the capital Heidelberg since 1329. Amberg was the capital of the “Pfalz Land zu Bayern” at that time.

Why is it called Upper Palatinate?

The name Upper Palatinate comes from the name “Upper Palatinate” as the region was called earlier. In fact, the area belonged to the Palatinate with its capital Heidelberg until the 30 Years War. The area around Amberg was the so-called. Today there are two large military training areas of the USA in the Upper Palatinate: Hohenfels and Grafenwöhr.

Which cities belong to the Upper Palatinate?

The Upper Palatinate region: 9,690 km² (population: 1,104,407 million (as of January 2018) inhabitants / km2: 113. District-free cities: Amberg, Regensburg, Weiden idOPf. Districts: Amberg-Sulzbach, Cham, Neumarkt idOPf., Neustadt adW , Regensburg, Schwandorf, Tirschenreuth. District members: 223.

How do you get an Upper Palatinate to bark?

For example with the question: “How do you get a man from Upper Palatinate to bark? “- Answer:” Free beer!

What is the capital of Middle Franconia?


Why is Ansbach the capital of Middle Franconia?

Schott: Bavaria was divided into circles in 1808. “Kreis” was the name for an administrative district until 1945. These circles were named after rivers. In what is now Middle Franconia there were two districts, the Pegnitzkreis with the capital Nuremberg and the Rezatkreis with Ansbach as the capital.

Which cities belong to Middle Franconia?

Independent cities Ansbach, Eichstätt (today the administrative district of Upper Bavaria), Erlangen, Fürth, Nuremberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Schwabach, Weissburg in Bavaria.

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