What does primary mean?

What does primary mean?

Primary (first, primarily, first available, initially, from the beginning, originally, primarily, in a preferred way) stands for: important, mainly, first-rate, original, see ordinal number. Primary (chemistry) Primary disease, a first independent disease.

What is the difference between primary and secondary research?

In market research, a distinction is made between primary research (ie own data collection) and secondary research (evaluation of already existing data). The main advantages of primary research are: Gathering exactly the data that is needed.

What does primary mean in medicine?

In contrast to this is the secondary disease. The attribute “primary” (meanings: first, primarily, first available, initially, originally) is placed in front of the actual name of the disease in general medical parlance.

What is primary prevention?

Primary prevention means measures that prevent or delay the onset of a disease. The aim of primary prevention is to maintain health.

What are primary forms of dementia?

In the case of primary dementia, the cause of the disease – unlike secondary dementia – lies directly in the brain area and is not triggered by drugs or external factors. Such forms of dementia are so far not reversible and form by far the largest group of dementias.

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