What does private school with public rights mean?

What does private school with public rights mean?

Above all, private schools with public law can issue legally recognized certificates and hold the examinations provided for the type of school (e.g. the Matura). Furthermore, private schools with public rights can be assigned teacher trainees for practical training.

How to start a private school

The following requirements must be met: your school has been in operation for three years. the school supervisory authority has approved your curriculum. Admission and promotion regulations correspond to those in public schools. the teaching objective is achieved and corresponds to public schools. Further entries…

Why a private school?

Private schools value individual support, smaller class sizes, additional offers and, if necessary, special pedagogical concepts. Parents hope for better teaching, better care and thus better future prospects.

What is a private school?

Private schools represent a competing offer to state schools, whose share in the school system as a whole can be very different. In Germany, the establishment of private schools is guaranteed by Article 7 of the Basic Law.

What is included in school fees?

For school fees i. s.d. statutory regulation includes all amounts that parents regularly pay to the school to educate their children and to cover school costs.

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