What does professional care mean to me?

What does professional care mean to me?

“Professional care includes the independent care and support, alone or in cooperation with other members of the profession, of people of all ages, of families or partnerships as well as groups and social communities, whether sick or healthy, in all life situations (settings).

What does care mean to you?

For me, care means respect for yourself and others. To develop my own personality and to grow with the challenges. to keep my humanity. teamwork and communication.

What does care focus mean?

Other key tasks of nursing are perception of interests and needs, promotion of a safe environment, research, participation in the development of health policy, as well as in health care management and education.

What is care?

Caring refers to caring for other people or groups of people, either voluntarily or by law. Derived from this, care refers to the care to which people have a right under certain circumstances, and also refers to that derived from the ethics of mercy or charity.

What is meant by the term caregiving?

1 Definition The understanding of care describes how each caregiver thinks individually about care and how they deal with those in need of care.

What is professional understanding?

The professional understanding describes the attitude and behavioral norms for a professional group. At the same time, it refers to the main subject of professional activity and thus also to the understanding of care for carers.

What is developing professional self-image?

Ultimately, “professional self-image” also means getting involved in the guidance and support of future nursing staff, for example within practical instructions, and representing the importance of one’s own profession in terms of professional policy and society.

What is the ICN?

The world federation of nurses, the International Council of Nurses (ICN), is a federation of 130 national nursing associations. He represents 16 million nurses worldwide.

What are the statements of the ICN?

The International Code of Ethics for Nurses (ICN Code) describes the values ​​to which professional nurses base their actions and how they should behave towards people in need of care, their relatives and their colleagues.

What is the Nurse Code of Ethics?

The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses is a guide that sets the basis for acting on social values ​​and needs. It can only do justice to its importance as a living document if it is also applied in practice in nursing and health care.

What is the purpose of the Code of Ethics?

What is an Ethical Case Discussion?

“Ethical case discussion on the ward is the systematic attempt to arrive at the most ethically justifiable decision within a limited period of time through a structured, moderated discussion with a multidisciplinary team.

What is ethics for me?

Ethics means custom or habit. Basically, we understand ethics to be certain moral values ​​and actions. However, these are not arbitrary, but are based on moral values. This is how ethical action should be for the good of all.

What does ethics involve?

Ethics is the teaching or theory of acting according to the distinction between good and evil. The subject of ethics is morality. Greek ethics was empirical and normative at the same time.

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