What does qualification mean? What does qualification mean?

What does qualification mean?

Under qualification (work qualification; Latin qualis facere, “to produce quality”) one understands in general in the economy and especially in human resources the suitability of a person for a job or a certain …

What qualifications are there?

Competence, experience, qualification – these three aspects make up the content of every application. If these match the advertised position and if the applicant is still personally and personally compatible with the team and the company, the chances of working together are usually good.

Which jobs are most in demand?

The ten most sought-after professions in Germany: software developers and programmers, electronics technicians, electricians, electrical installers, health and nursing staff, IT consultants, IT analysts, economists, business economists, customer advisors, customer advisors, account managers, production assistants.

Which industry is future-proof?

The gold of the future: oil. The reserves are finite. In biotechnology research is being carried out into alternative options that will determine economic success in the future. Wind turbines, solar systems, less nuclear power: this is how the change in the energy industry can be summarized.

Which industries have no future?

These 7 professions have no future warehouse workers. Automatic incoming goods inspection by camera and computer will make employees superfluous. HR manager. HR departments are already using software to search for and pre-select candidates. Employee in the fast food restaurant. Jurist. Bank employee. Construction worker. Sailor.

Which industries are growing the fastest?

Digitization as a growth driver Company-related services such as leasing, legal and tax advice and auditing will remain a pillar of the economy in 2020. These industries, like the information and telecommunications sector, are growing noticeably faster than the economy as a whole.

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