What does soft facts mean?

What does soft facts mean?

The soft factors (soft facts) include images, moods, but also knowledge and the resulting behavior (de- / motivation) and modes of action (support / resistance). Such factors are called soft because they cannot be represented as key figures at all or only with auxiliary indicators.

What is personal knowledge?

The knowledge area is a compulsory part of the tabular curriculum vitae. It complements your work experience by naming relevant skills such as computer skills and language skills. You can also name other job-specific skills, such as the driver’s license, here.

What skills can you have?

My skills (what I can do) I am reliable. I am intelligent. I am careful and always plan my next steps in good time. I like to help other people within the scope of my possibilities. I like to be with other people and others like to be with me. I like to make others happy.

What skills do you need in the office?

Which skills are essential for office work? Basically, an office worker should relieve the supervisor (s). Time management. Time management is important for planning. / Computer and network affinity. Friendliness. Communication skills and confident demeanor.

What are your personal strengths?

Your personal strengths are characteristics or competencies that determine how you deal successfully with other people, situations or challenges. In addition to your professional expertise, they say a lot about how successfully you can do your job.

How do you describe your strengths in an application?

The most common strengths in applications: creativity, organizational talent, punctuality, experience, technical affinity, motivation, quick comprehension, determination.

What is a property example?

a property name: a noun formed from adjectives or participles that denote a property or a state (example: beauty – beautiful; badness – bad).

How do you describe the ability to work in a team in an application?

The ability to work in a team in the application: what is still important, defining common goals, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of employees, putting together a team, distributing tasks, self-reflection, willingness to change course depending on the situation, balancing properties.

What is a full application?

A complete application includes all the documents that the HR manager needs to get a comprehensive picture of you and your professional profile. If the job advertisement states exactly which documents are required, you should also send them along with it.

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