What does synthesis medicine mean?

What does synthesis medicine mean?

In medicine, the term synthesis performance refers to the biochemical performance of a cell, tissue or organ with regard to the production of certain biological compounds.

What is meant by the term synthetic?

1) Philosophy connecting, linking. 2) generally synthetic, composite. 3) man-made. 4) Chemistry related to synthesis.

What does to be synthesized mean?

Word meaning/definition: 1) Chemistry: building a complex compound from simple components.

what is the connection

connection stands for: connection, mechanical cohesion; see connection technology. Chemical compound, pure substance from atoms of several elements. connection, making electrical contact; see connection technology (electrical engineering)

what is chemical

Synonymous terms: 1) artificial, synthetic, unnatural. Opposite words: 1) astronomical, biological, geological, meteorological, physical.

What does that mean in chemistry?

Electronegativity, a measure of an atom’s ability to attract bonding electrons.

What is the difference between chemistry and physics?

No new substance is formed in physical reactions. Chemical reactions create new substances. Baking a cake or bread is a chemical process, just like dissolving a metal in an acid.

How are chemical reactions classified?

Chemical reactions cannot only be classified according to energetic aspects. According to the state of aggregation of the reactants, one subdivides into gas reactions, reactions in solutions and solid-state reactions.

What is a chemical reaction grade 7?

A chemical reaction is a process in which other chemical compounds (products) are formed from chemical compounds or elements (educts) by the atoms of the educts entering into other bonds. The properties of the substances also change.

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