What does target achievement mean?

What does target achievement mean?

Target achievement is the benchmark for the actual implementation of a specified target. In the end, every goal that is set is about achieving it. Achieving goals is therefore the goal of all goals.

What can a goal in life be?

A life goal describes the meaning of life and helps you to keep your focus. You can (and should) pursue several goals in life at the same time. You don’t have to commit entirely to one direction as life is much more complicated and not always an “either or” decision.

What is the goal of the economy?

the goals specified above all by the stability law: stability of the price level, high level of employment, foreign trade balance as well as constant and appropriate economic growth. These goals are also referred to as magic squares (see there).

What types of goals are there?

There are numerous possibilities and ways of distinguishing goals: monetary and non-monetary goals or quantitative and qualitative goals. Complementary, competing and indifferent goals. Main goals and secondary goals or strategic and operational goals or

What are monetary goals?

monetary goals (sales, profit, liquidity, etc.), non-monetary goals (market share, image, prestige), social goals (employee satisfaction, good working atmosphere) and. ecological goals (low environmental impact, use of natural resources).

What is a complementary goal?

of a company are related to each other. Complementary goals reinforce each other. This means that if goal A is achieved to a greater extent, the company automatically comes closer to achieving goal B. The goals are complementary = congruent.

What are conflicting goals?

Conflicting goals hinder or exclude each other within a company’s goal system. In such cases, the management must decide in which order of goals the conflicting goals belong and which one gets how much priority. Conflicting goals are one of three possible goal relationships.

What are competing goals?

With competing goals, the company finds itself confronted with two company goals that contradict each other. If a company achieves one goal or comes closer to it, it falls short of or distances itself from the other.

What is a goal relationship?

Goal relationship states whether two or more goals influence each other. If the achievement of the first goal leads to the achievement of a second goal at the same time, then these goals are complementary. See Complementary Goals.

What is goal complementarity?

(1) Goal complementarity: The side effects favor the achievement of other goals. (2) Goal neutrality: The side effects leave the pursuit of other goals unaffected.

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