What does the abbreviation f mean?

What does the abbreviation f mean?

The abbreviation f. Stands for “following” or is now explained as such, but it is actually an originally folk etymological reinterpretation of the originally neo-Latin abbreviations for folio (ablative of folium) “on the (next) side”, which were used internationally as early as the Middle Ages. The indication “Page 40 ff.

What does Paragraph FF mean?

That means the following. That in turn means, for example in paragraphs or lines, that the next one is meant. ff. means subsequent ones, again based on paragraphs Co.

What does fr stand for?

Word Meaning / Definition: 3) Abbreviation for Friday. 4) Abbreviation for Fridays.

What’s FF in English?

fortissimo [Abk.: ff ] Adj. Following pages [Abk.: ff. ] following pages) [Abk.: ff. ] and the following [Abk.: et seqq., et sqq.]

What does OOMF mean?

This means “oomf” on Twitter. The abbreviation “oomf”, like the abbreviations “idd” or “TIL”, is used especially in social networks such as Twitter or Instagram and stands for the English words “one of my followers”.

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