What does the employer have to consider in the case of marginal part-time employees?

What does the employer have to consider in the case of marginal part-time employees?

Employers in the commercial sector have a total of a maximum of 31.45 percent taxes. The mini jobber only pays 3.6 percent pension insurance of his earnings. Commercial employers must report the fees for all mini-jobbers to the mini-job center on a monthly basis and pay them.

How many hours do you have to work at insignificant?

Anyone who works in a 450-euro job (“mini job”) is also entitled to the statutory minimum wage. The statutory minimum wage has been 9.35 euros since January 1, 2020. This means that mini jobbers have to work a maximum of 48.128 hours (9.35 euros x 48.128 = 450.00 euros) per month.

What is marginal non-insurable employment?

In Germany one speaks of a mini-job or, in relation to a low-paid job, a 450-euro job. Under German law, marginal part-time workers are not required to be insured for this type of employment in the statutory health, long-term care and unemployment insurance.

Does a 450 Euro job count towards the basic pension?

Basic pension: mini-job with disability pension and ALG 2 mini-jobs can help in a number of situations to secure a right to a basic pension later. The earnings are partly offset against ALG 2. However, you can keep € 170 from a full € 450 job.

Does 450 euro job count towards widow’s pension?

Income has a negative effect on the amount of the survivor’s pension if an exemption is exceeded. A € 450 mini job alone does not affect the survivor’s pension. This is different, however, if a full old-age pension is drawn at the same time.

How much can I earn with a widow’s pension?

Widows and widowers in the west are now allowed to earn 725.21 euros per month instead of the previous 718.08 euros, in the east 643.37 euros instead of the previous 637.03 euros. For orphan pensioners in the west, the tax exemption increases from 478.72 euros to 483.47 euros, in the east from 424.69 euros to 428.91 euros per month.

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