What does the employer pay for short-time work?

What does the employer pay for short-time work?

The employer calculates the short-time work allowance and pays it to the employees. A reimbursement application is then submitted to the local employment agency, which, after checking the application documents, immediately reimburses the employer for the short-time work allowance.

How do I calculate my salary for short-time work?

According to the general benefit rate, the short-time work allowance is 60% of the net wage difference for the month in which the work was canceled. You can calculate your short-time work allowance by entering your regular and your reduced gross wages into our short-time work allowance calculator.

What does short-time work mean for employees?

Short-time work in the employment relationship means the temporary reduction in regular working hours in a company due to a significant loss of work. Short-time work can affect all or only some of the company’s employees.

As an employee, what do I have to consider when working on short-time work?

The employer is also obliged to inform the employment agency, apply for short-time work allowance there and submit the written consent of the works council. Short-time work may only be ordered if all other means have been exhausted. In addition, no short-time work may be ordered for temporary workers.

How do you work with short-time work?

With short-time work, employees work fewer hours than agreed in the employment contract over a limited period. Short-time work means a temporary reduction in regular working hours. Short-time working is introduced by the employer if there is a significant loss of the otherwise normal workload.

How does it work with short-time work?

Short-time working allowance is paid for loss of earnings due to the reduction in working hours. Similar to unemployment benefit I, two benefit rates apply. Employees receive 60 percent of the net wage. If they have to look after children, the rate rises to 67 percent.

How is short-time allowance paid?

The short-time work allowance is paid by the employer or the works council. The subsidy from the employment agency is then paid out to the employer, who transfers it together with your remuneration at the end of the month.

How are the hours calculated for short-time work?

An employee usually works 170 hours a month, but only works 80 hours due to short-time work. He receives € 20 per hour. The target fee is: 170 x € 20 = € 3,400.

How are public holidays paid for short-time work Example?

The continued payment of wages on public holidays is not part of the short-time work allowance, but is to be paid by the employer himself. This follows from Section 2 (3) AZR 173/78): For public holidays that fall within the period of short-time work, the employer only has to pay remuneration in the amount of the short-time work allowance.

How much less work with short-time work?

The Employment Agency transfers an additional 60 percent of the net wage that you miss out on due to short-time work – if you have children, it’s 67 percent. If you are sent 100 percent on short-time work – i.e. you no longer work at all – you will receive 60 or 67 percent of your previous net wage.

Can I work on short-time work?

With zero short-time work, the employer is no longer obliged to pay any remuneration at all. The KUG replaces the remuneration as a wage replacement benefit. At the same time, however, the employee is no longer obliged to perform his or her work for the employer.

What happens to overtime in the case of short-time work?

The arrangement of overtime during short-time work is generally not permitted. This means that the employee also receives remuneration from the employer for the overtime worked; on the other hand, his or her entitlement to Kug is reduced.

What am I allowed to do with short-time work?

Basics. A part-time job during short-time work is permitted if it can be reconciled with (reduced) work in the main company. The employment agencies can even offer short-time workers jobs or part-time jobs.

Can I drive away on short-time work?

16. Are employees who are on one hundred percent short-time working still allowed to travel? If short-time work has been scheduled by a certain date, the employee cannot simply rely on being able to stay away until this date.

Will the annual vacation be reduced in the case of short-time work?

For the duration of short-time work in the company, the following applies to vacation entitlement: Vacation may be shortened in accordance with working hours. This also applies in the case of short-time work “zero”, i.e. when there is no obligation to work.

Are vacation days deducted for short-time work?

DGB and unions say: no. Various employers take the position: Employees who are on short-time work due to the Corona crisis can have their entitlement to vacation reduced. In plain language: fewer vacation days due to short-time work.

Is vacation counted for short-time work?

This means: The statutory vacation entitlement can be reduced in times of short-time work in accordance with the proportion of actual working hours. For example, if the company has ordered zero short-time work, i.e. if there is no work at all, the employees are also not entitled to vacation for these times.

Will economics be cut in the case of short-time work?

3 = 100% remuneration at Kug – all wage types that continue to be paid in full during short-time work, but are reduced for other unpaid absences. Example: If 100% of the economics allowance is continued to be paid at Kug but reduced in the case of unpaid absences, then it flows in full into the target salary.

Will allowances for short-time work be reduced?

Short-time work means up to 40 percent less money, it is said. But typical metal workers, namely skilled workers in shift work, are actually even more affected: their shift allowances are not included in the short-time work allowance.

Are shift supplements charged for short-time work?

Sundays, public holidays and night work surcharges (SFN surcharges) are taken into account when calculating the short-time allowance under certain conditions. The employment agency reimburses the employer for the short-time work allowance, but the employer calculates and pays it out.

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