What does the FF mean?

What does the FF mean?

What does the abbreviation ‘ff. The abbreviation ‘ff. ‘Stands for’ following ‘or’ on the next pages’.

What does RNG stand for?

RNG stands for: Random number generator, a random number generator.

What does ATK stand for?

ATK stands for: Accessibility Toolkit, a software developer toolkit, see Thunar. Alliant Techsystems Inc., an international corporation headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Atqasuk Airport (IATA code)

What does IMBA mean?

IMBA is an abbreviation for: imbalanced (in German: “unbalanced”) in computer games, see computer gamer jargon. Institute for Molecular Biotechnology GmbH of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Integration of people with disabilities into the world of work.

What does OP mean in a game?

In this case, the abbreviation “OP” stands for the English word “overpowered”. In German, OP means “overwhelmed / overwhelmed”, but in this case that does not fit the actual meaning of OP. Rather, it means that a champion is “too strong” in the game.

What does above mean?

That means OG: Original Gangsta The abbreviation “OG” stands for the English expression “Original Gangsta”. The term “OG” is a synonym for someone who was there first, who is “real”. In the gaming scene, this is used to describe a “top player” who has a lot of experience.

Where does og stand for?

In the GDR, the Supreme Court was abbreviated like this. But in most cases OG can be found in apartment advertisements! OG then stands for upper floor and should explain the floor on which the offered apartment is located.

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