What does the introduction include?

What does the introduction include?

In the introduction you introduce the reader to the topic. give a brief overview of the most important literature that you have used (research status or research). define the goal of your work.

How do I write the main part of a table of contents?

Summary: Main part You should pay attention to the following formal aspects: Your own formulations in factual language (no quotations, no embellishments, no colloquial language) Reproduction of the chronologically correct sequence. meaningful connections of sentences through conjunctions.

How do you write a good characterization?

Characterization – main part Name and age of the person, occupation and origin, personal history, external circumstances such as place of residence, time and social position, physique and characteristics such as eye color, hair color, facial features, abnormalities in gestures and facial expressions.

How do you start with a characterization?

Initiation. In the introduction we name the title of the text from which the character to be characterized comes from, the author, the type of text, the date of publication and the central topic. In addition, you already write at this point which figure should be characterized in your text.

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