What does the mode button on the steering wheel mean? (limiter & cruise control)

Almost all vehicles with cruise control now also have one limiters on board. With the limiter activated, that is speed limiter, the car will not accelerate past a set speed. However, there is one exception:

In order to be able to accelerate despite the activated limiter in tricky situations, such as when overtaking, it is sufficient for most models to press the accelerator pedal either hard or to press until it stops. This allows the speed limiter to be overridden.

Many manufacturers have a button on the steering wheel that inscription “fashion”, with which you can switch between cruise control or limiter. Depending on the manufacturer, the limiter also has its own button with, for example, the Caption “LIM”. Almost always there is Set button, with which the desired speed is set.

honda crv limiter taste

Honda limiters

Almost all vehicles that have a limiter on board also have cruise control, usually right next to this button. If you don’t want to exceed a speed, it’s actually a lot makes more sense to use the cruise control, which can also be overridden by lightly pressing the accelerator pedal and which switches off as soon as you touch the brake pedal. The next more comfortable level would be adaptive cruise control, which keeps the distance to the vehicle in front with active braking interventions and radar sensors. (ACC in video)

More or less useful speed limiters are usually on board because they are a prerequisite for achieving high ratings in the Euro NCAP crash test.

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