What does the perfect application look like?

What does the perfect application look like?

A complete application consists of three sheets (cover letter, résumé, cover sheet) and the attachments, summarized in an application folder. The application becomes really perfect if you deal with the content of the application down to the smallest detail.

What does good on the resume?

Write additional skills in the CV (curriculum vitae, résumé) that go well beyond your studies. A pinch of social engagement doesn’t hurt either. If there were also (in addition to super grades, of course) a realistic duration of study and trend-setting internships, nothing could actually go wrong.

Which font for resume?

The most popular non-serif font is Arial. Similar to Times New Roman, however, it has long since outlived itself. If you want to design your CV in a serif font and at the same time original, you can use Calibri, Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Microsoft Sans or Tahoma.

What font does XING CV have?

Open Sans & Open Sans Condensed. Oswald. Oswald & Arial. Bold.

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