What does the US flag mean?

What does the US flag mean?

It consists of 7 red and 6 white stripes, which stand for the 13 founding states, and a blue flag field (jack) in the upper left corner, whose 50 white stars currently symbolize the 50 states of the USA. …

Why does the US flag look like this?

The flag consists of 7 red and 6 white stripes. The stripes represent the 13 founding states. The red stands for bravery and resilience (valor and hardiness) and the white for purity and innocence (purity and innocence).

Why can’t the flag touch the ground?

That sounds simple, but it isn’t. There is an unwritten law in flag ethics: the flag must not touch the ground, as this is said to bring bad luck. After all, one’s own flag was a vital guide for scattered soldiers on the battlefield, says Gaede.

How do you attach a flag?

Hook the top snap hook of the flag into the snap hook (or loop or similar device) of the cable. Then hoist the flag piece by piece and attach each carabiner to the rope cord. Again, attach a weight pack to the bottom hook.

Is saluting forbidden?

also greeted at funerals by firefighters or police officers. But if by saluting you mean a hit salute, then it’s going to be tight for him. PS: Of course you can talk about the details of the allegation. Germany is a free country and you can talk about anything there.

Why do soldiers salute?

Origin of the salute The origin of the military salute can be found in the knights of the Middle Ages. Flipping up the visor meant relinquishing head protection, signaling peaceful intentions, especially among knights of equal standing.

What do you earn as a reservist in the Bundeswehr?

The Bundeswehr reservist salary is a daily rate of at least 61.92 euros net.

Do you automatically become a reservist?

Anyone who has ever been a soldier is automatically a reservist (at least up to the specified age limit). For you, however, this has no further consequences. Currently, all activities as a reservist are voluntary.

How long can you be a reservist?

Compulsory military service ends for enlisted and unserved persons in the year in which they turn 45, for non-commissioned officers and officers in the year in which they turn 60. Anyone who has exceeded this age is then a “former” reservist and can remain at least until the age of 60.

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