What does the word hypothetical mean?

What does the word hypothetical mean?

hypothetical adj. ‘based on an assumption, questionable, doubtful’, borrowed (early 17th

What are question forms?

Depending on the type of question and the wording of the question, different reactions are triggered in the respondent. A conversation can be controlled with open or closed, direct or indirect questions and other variants. The wrong type of question can trigger negative reactions from the interlocutor.

What is a closed question example?

It usually begins with a verb, “Are you in agreement with that?” Closed-ended questions are suitable for asking quick and precise facts: “Have you studied?”, “Do you live in Berlin?” But they also serve to focus the conversation on a specific Point to steer in order to achieve a desired approval.

What is a semi-open question?

Half-open questions are questions that use response categories but typically allow for an open-ended category. Example: How did you find out about this service?

What is a hybrid question?

Questions with a closed answer format will only be dealt with to a limited extent in the following. (VLL LINK to contribution to the design of a questionnaire with closed questions) A third way of asking questions is a combination of open and closed answer options, also known as hybrid questions[2].

Why demographic data in the questionnaire?

Demographic information clarifies certain background characteristics of a target group, such as age, income, professional situation, marital status, etc. That’s not all: With the sample questions and demographic examples, you can design your own questionnaire in no time at all.

What is sociodemographic data?

Sociodemographic characteristics are quantitative characteristics to describe a target group from a social and economic point of view such as gender, age, income, marital status, household size or school education.

What is meant by demographics?

When we use the term demographic change, we refer primarily to the change in the age structure of a country’s population. In Germany, the birth rate has been lower than the death rate for several decades; at the same time, the life expectancy of the population is increasing.

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