What does type of training mean?

What does type of training mean?

They describe two different types of advanced qualifications. In the case of further training, the focus is on a specific further qualification that relates to the job currently being carried out.

What is meant by advanced training?

Vocational training is any educational process that deepens or expands an existing professional training. It takes place in the form of organized learning. This was preceded by earlier phases of education and interim employment.

What does advanced training mean?

“Basically, it can be said: Continuing vocational training is further training that gives each individual the opportunity to maintain and expand their professional knowledge and skills, or to adapt or adapt their own qualifications based on technical developments.

What is the goal of professional training?

Vocational Training Act: Vocational training is intended to give individuals the opportunity to maintain and expand their professional knowledge and skills in their previous professional field in order to adapt their qualifications to technical developments (adaptation training) or to gain professional advancement …

What do advanced training points mean?

60 advanced training points must be proven within four years. One training point corresponds to 45 minutes. This means that at least 60 teaching units of 45 minutes each – i.e. 45 hours of time – must be completed within four years.

Why is training for employees important?

When it comes to further training for their employees, companies focus on the following reasons: Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers. Competitive advantages by keeping pace with rapid developments. Assess and promote new developments.

What are the reasons for retraining?

Reasons for retraining Retraining usually takes place when the employee can no longer work in his previous occupation. Insufficient demand in the learned profession. Long absence from the learned profession (e.g. due to illness or bringing up children). Inability to work due to illness.

Who will get retraining from the employment office?

The employment agency, the job center, the employer’s liability insurance association or the pension insurance can be considered as the cost bearer for the retraining. Depending on the entitlement basis of the comprehensive §§81, 82 SGB III, the unemployed, threatened by unemployment and people over 45 years of age can retrain.

When does retraining make sense?

“Regardless of this, retraining always makes sense when a new professional goal is pursued with the help of training.” For example, when new qualifications are necessary due to the digitization of work. A vocational qualification that is missing or can no longer be used can make retraining necessary.

When am I entitled to retraining from the employment office?

Retraining from the employment office can take the form of courses at evening school, online training, coaching or complete training with an IHK final exam. Depending on the applicant’s situation, the agency decides individually which funding makes sense here.

Is retraining paid for by the employment office?

Most retraining courses in Germany are funded and financed by pension insurance, job centers or employment agencies. This process takes up to two years – depending on the employee’s professional training.

How do I get retraining from the job center?

Requirements for retraining by the job center In order to be eligible for retraining at the employment agency, you must also be at least 18 years old and have already completed or finally abandoned training.

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