What does VG mean in an email?

What does VG mean in an email?

Abbreviations are used in e-mails, for example: MfG / mfg – Sincerely. LG / lg – love greetings. VG / vg – Best regards.

What does very warm greetings mean?

In contact with strangers and business partners it was said “Sincerely”. This is available in the gradations “Greetings”, “Greetings” or “Greetings”. Gradations are good, so you can express to others how much you love them.

When do you write with best regards?

Somewhat more informal: “Greetings The expert says:” Greetings “are suitable as a greeting if you write informally and repeatedly. Familiar: “Greetings” This is what the expert says: If you don’t know each other at all, some people find warm greetings strange.

When do you write sincerely?

«- With» Sincerely «you can express anger, irony or rejection, for example; this greeting seems more distant in any case. In the past, it was used in exceptional cases as an alternative if the writer felt that a friendly greeting was not appropriate.

Can you also write greetings with ss?

Even according to the new spelling, greetings and the corresponding verb greet are always written with ß in the singular as well as in the plural – for example in the letter formula “Kind regards”. …

How do you write kiss?

GrammarSingularPluralNominativeThe kissThe kissesGenitiveThe kissThe kissesDativeThe kissThe kissesAccusativeThe kissThe kisses

What does greeting mean?

The greeting, the greeting phrase, greeting phrase, parting phrase and parting phrase is a formalized or ritualized gesture, phrase or other means of expression to initiate or close a contact. With the greeting, the person greeting demonstrates his view of the relationship with the person being greeted.

What does the greeting mean hi?

hi. meanings: [1] friendly, familiar verbal greeting at personal encounters and telephone calls, where the person called knows who is calling him (so that the name is not given) [2] friendly, familiar written form of address for e-mails and SMS.

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