What does WG mean in the subject?

What does WG mean in the subject?

This signals that you are replying directly to a specific message. WG / Fw: The abbreviation WG stands for “forwarded” in German. In English it is abbreviated with Fw for “forward”.

What does WG stand for?

Flat-sharing community (WG for short) describes a type of housing in which several independent tenants share an apartment. Each tenant has his / her own furnished room. General rooms such as bathroom, kitchen and possibly

What does WG mean in the timetable?

WG stands for economic high school, SG for social science high school and BTG means biotechnical high school. In this article we explain what learning content is taught, what the admission requirements are and how you can switch to a vocational high school.

What is an IDT?

Some of you already know it, the other has only heard of it once – we’re talking about the PFAFF IDT system, also known as “double material transport” or “top transport”. This is how you can recognize the original IDT system from PFAFF. The actual fabric feeder on sewing machines is located under the fabric.

What does GGS mean in chat?

(outdated for anthropology), human louse, human life, deserted, human readable (in Ggs.

What does GGS stand for?

GGS stands for: Community Primary School. German Graduate School of Management and Law in Heilbronn. Global Geo Services.

What is a community elementary school?

The term community school also stands for a simultaneous school in which students of all denominations learn together and are only taught separately in the subject of religion. In this original sense, the term is also used in the constitutions and school laws of several German federal states.

What is AFK for an abbreviation?

[1] away from keyboard: (“not at the keyboard”), used for short absences, for example in chats, or as an alternative to IRL (In Real Life) Examples: [1] The abbreviation AFK was created in digital contact so that other gamers can take on the part of the absent.

What does AFK mean in SSO?

AFK – that means the abbreviation AFK comes from English and means “away from keyboard”. It basically means “not at the keyboard”. Your chat partner lets you understand that he is no longer at the computer and therefore cannot answer.

Why are there community schools?

With the comprehensive school, secondary schools can better do justice to the differences in the student body because each student can be dealt with more intensively. The GMS also keeps all educational paths open, including high school.

How does the community school work?

At the community school, the focus is on the individual pupils. They learn with and from each other in mixed learning groups, with intensive individual support. Teachers see themselves as learning guides. In this way, they can enable every child to develop optimally.

What is a community school in Schleswig Holstein?

At the community school in Schleswig Holstein you will be taught together with your classmates in a single course. The different performance requirements of the students are taken into account and promoted through internally differentiated lessons.

How many community schools are there in Germany?

In the 2019/2020 school year there were 15,431 primary schools in Germany. There were a total of 32,332 general education schools in Germany in the 2019/2020 school year.

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