What exactly is the address?

What exactly is the address?

1) Precise information on the country, place, street, house number, where you can find a person, a company, an authority or other institution. Synonyms: 1) Address.

What does c7o mean?

The abbreviation “c / o” can also be used in correspondence with hotel guests or on vacation. The two letters stand for “care of” in English.

What is the difference between a mailing address and a home address?

The house address is intended for parcels and other deliveries, the postal address for letters or documents. If, however, a company has a PO box, enter the PO box number instead of the street address in the fields for the postal address, the possibly different zip code and the city.

Can I send a letter to a post office box by registered mail?

When a Registered Post is sent to a P.O. Box address, a delivery receipt is placed in the P.O. Box. With this receipt, the registered mail can then be picked up by the recipient or an authorized person at the sales counter. Registered mail are placed directly in the mailbox.

What is the correspondence address?

This includes the address to which all correspondence relating to the person recorded in the object address is sent. The form is important here, as this address always appears on labels, in serial and individual letters as it is recorded in the six lines.

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