What expectations do you have of your employer?

What expectations do you have of your employer?

Requirements for employers: Appreciation, working atmosphere etc. These applicants also expect a relaxed working atmosphere and a friendly team of employees. You want to come to the company motivated and enjoy your work. good working atmosphere.

What can the boss control?

control my eating and drinking behavior? Yes. Both can be regulated by the boss as well as the break times. He has managerial rights and can, for example, tell employees that they are only allowed to have small snacks or coffee during breaks and in the common room.

What can one say about his work?

Chatterboxes watch out: You shouldn’t talk too openly about your job. What you can talk about without risking trouble with the boss – and what not. When employees talk about their job, their employer doesn’t always like it. In some cases, employees are even bound to secrecy.

What is a trade secret?

Trade and business secrets are understood to be all facts, circumstances and processes related to a company that are not obvious but only accessible to a limited group of people and the non-disclosure of which the legal entity has a legitimate interest in.

Who do I have to show my contract of employment to?

Specialist lawyer Bredereck: In principle, employees and employers may view the entire content of the personnel file. This is confidential, the personnel file must also be kept in such a way that it is protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

Is an employment contract confidential?

By signing the employment contract, the agreement on silence and non-disclosure is acknowledged, provided that this is effective. It must be expressly formulated in the employment contract. Only then does the employee continue to have to keep the internal company and business secrets secret.

Who must sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Who is required and who can sign a non-disclosure agreement? In principle, the person who signs is obliged.

Is the salary a trade secret?

In its judgment of October 21, 2009 (case no.: 2 Sa 183/09), the state labor court in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania ruled that information about wages and salaries is not trade secrets.

How long does the confidentiality obligation apply?

Duration of the confidentiality obligation The confidentiality obligation applies for the duration of the employment relationship. After the end of the employment relationship, employees are generally still obliged to keep company and business secrets secret.

Is the works council bound to secrecy?

According to Section 79 (1) BetrVG, members of the works council are obliged to keep business and trade secrets that have become known secret if they have been expressly designated by the employer as requiring confidentiality.

How far does confidentiality go?

Medical confidentiality means that a patient can rest assured that the personal matters he confides in his doctor will not be disclosed to any third party. In principle, it applies beyond death.

Does the lawyer have a duty of confidentiality?

Principle. The lawyer’s duty of confidentiality is the cornerstone of the client’s trust in the legal profession. The lord of the right of silence and the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality is the client; For his protection there is a duty of confidentiality, only he can release from it.

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