What factors can lead to tumor development?

What factors can lead to tumor development?

Risk factors for cancerImproper diet and obesity.Physical inactivity.Alcohol.Smoking.Sun.Stress.Toxins and radiation.

What destroys the cancer cells?

Chemotherapy destroys tumor cells by generally inhibiting cell division in the body. However, all cells that are dividing are killed, which among other things also causes hair loss in patients.

What is immunotherapy for skin cancer?

Immunotherapy for melanoma stimulates the patient’s immune system to destroy the cancer cells. Immunotherapies can support the immune system in such a way that its own immune response directed against cancer cells is reactivated.

How is immunotherapy performed?

In cancer immunotherapy, the immuno-oncologically active substances are usually administered to the patient by infusion. Some forms of immunotherapy also involve taking immune cells from the patient’s blood, which are primed to attack the cancer and then put back into the body.

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