What font do you use for a book?

What font do you use for a book?

The most popular font for novels is Garamond. Helvetica, Futura, Times, Gill Sans etc. are also very popular. Since you cannot give THE tip, you should look at the individual fonts to see whether their typeface fits your own novel.

What font and size for homework?

Font: Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial Font size: 12 (Times New Roman), 11 (Arial, Calibri) Typeface: justified, cover page centered Line spacing: between one line and 1.5 lines Highlighting: italic (no underlining in the text, no boldface ) Headings: max.

What font size in the bibliography?

2 cm. Font size: text, structure, bibliography 12, footnotes accordingly smaller. Line spacing: text, structure 1.5 lines, bibliography, footnotes 1 line.

What font size footnotes?

Font and font size in footnotes The font size must be smaller than that of the text and headings and be 10 points. The font should be the same as that of the body of the text.

What belongs in the bibliography?

At the end of a scientific paper you have to add a bibliography. All of the sources you have used are listed in full here …

Which sources are included in the bibliography?

In the bibliography the work used is named with its author, year of publication and publisher. In the list of sources there is also the page number on which the information used can be found.

Which sources do I have to give?

You enter book sources in the bibliography using the Harvard citation method: Name, first name (publisher) (year), title of the work, edition, place of publication, for example: Mustermann, Max (2020), reference book, 1st edition, Berlin .

How do I refer to a source?

With the references in the text, you refer to the detailed bibliography in your bibliography. When referring to the text, the name of the author, the year of publication of the work and the page number are always given. Use the following format: (Author year: page number).

How should the bibliography look like?

You should sort the bibliography alphabetically according to the authors’ last names. Tip As soon as you use a new source in the running text of your bachelor thesis, insert the full source information directly into the bibliography.

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