What font for a book?

What font for a book?

Suitable fonts for a book Palatino linotype.book antiqua (tends to run a bit narrow so you have to space them a bit)georgia.goudy old style.adobe garamond pro (has a low x-height so it can be used in the usual font sizes too may appear small)bookman.More entries…

What font is used in the newspaper?

The names of most newspapers are just one or two words long and are mostly found at the top of the cover. A title should stand out: This is why you usually use fonts with large letters such as “Impact” or “Arial Black”, “Times New Roman” or “Helvetica”.

Which font is the smallest?

A font size of six points (nonpareille) is generally considered to be the smallest font size that can still be read permanently. However, there are also printed products with even smaller font sizes. For example, the Perl Bible was printed consistently with 5-point (Perl) fonts.

Which font is the most space-efficient?

Century Gothic achieves this quota compared to Arial. Ecofont, specially designed for this purpose, is in second place. Times New Roman is the most economical of the popular typefaces.

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