What font size for email?

What font size for email?

Web-safe fonts include, for example, Arial, Verdana or Times New Roman as well as Courier New and many others. If you choose one of these fonts for your e-mail, you are on the safe side. With regard to the font size, 14 points is a good guideline.

Which font for newsletters?

In order for newsletter recipients to receive a certain font in an email, it is necessary that the corresponding font is available on the recipient’s device. Most devices have standard system fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Times New Roman, and Courier installed.

What font to use

A font size of 12 pt. Is usual, which leads to a respectable result with the Times New Roman font. The Arial font is usually used in font size 11 pt. used. Other fonts for your cover letter include Bookman Old Style, Calibri, Cambria, Garamond, Georgia, and Verdana.

Which font for Outlook?

In Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016, the default Calibri font used when composing, replying to, or forwarding an email message is 11 point. How to change the font back to the original font is shown here.

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