What font size for headings?

What font size for headings?

Depending on the font, it should be between 14 points and 16 points. But beware, the size of the headings is affected by whether they should be bold or not. If you prefer bold printed headings, a font size of 14 points is sufficient.

What font size for homework?

Font: Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial Font size: 12 (Times New Roman), 11 (Arial, Calibri) Typeface: Justified, cover centered Line spacing: Between one line and 1.5 lines Emphasis: Italics (no underlining in the text, no boldface ) Headings: max.

What font size for academic papers?

Font: The normal case is “Times New Roman” (size: 12 points), “Arial” (11 points) or “Verdana” (11 points) is also possible. The font must be legible in the long run, so do not use funny fonts!

What line spacing for homework?

In order to ensure good readability of the term paper, the line spacing in the text part of the term paper is chosen generously. A line spacing of 1.5 lines has become the standard and should not be deviated from.

How much rand for a homework?

Homework should be printed legibly (12 points, 1.5 lines). It is essential to ensure that there is sufficient binding and correction margin; the following margins are usual: top – 2.5, bottom – 2, left – 3-4, right – 2.5.

What is bigger Arial Times New Roman?

Although Arial is sans serif, it is significantly larger than Times New Roman at a font size of 12, making it easier to read. In the meantime, however, more and more modern fonts are being used, which can also shine with excellent legibility and at the same time appear less old-fashioned.

Which font is best for studying?

And that, in turn, should lead to better learning performance. According to the researchers, common fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica are now too common or too familiar for our brain.

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