What formatting can be saved in a format template?

What formatting can be saved in a format template?

Format template in Word: This allows you to assign certain formatting characteristics (such as font, character size, line spacing, indentation, type of bullets and thickness and color of the table borders) to the individual text bodies (headings, paragraphs, lists and tables).

What can’t be saved in a style sheet?

Examples of problematic templates are: index level 1-3 (table of contents), footnote text, outline level 4, outline level 5 and the table and picture captions (templates of the above document template).

How can I edit a template?

Editing TemplatesClick File > Open.Double-click This PC. (In Word 2013, double-click Computer). Under My Documents, navigate to the Custom Office Templates folder. Click your template, and then click Open. Make the changes you want.

How to edit Word document?

Click anywhere in the document and press the spacebar. The Restrict Editing area opens immediately. If that doesn’t work, click File – Info – Protect Document – Restrict Editing. Then click Unprotect.

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