What goes in a description?

What goes in a description?

In the description people, objects, processes or landscapes are described. The description is so detailed that the reader can very well imagine the thing or person described.

What are characteristics of a person?

A personal description is the description of characteristics (appearance and behavior) of a person, which should serve as unambiguous recognition as possible. Origin and profession are also characteristics that can be important for a person. Visually (with the eyes) detectable features are particularly important.

In what tense do you write a guide?

Write your process description in factual, consistent and easy-to-understand language. Use the present tense and address the reader as Sie, du or man. Divide your process description into an introduction, a main part and a conclusion.

What belongs in an animal profile?

A profile includes the name, size, habitat, what does a mouse eat, what it eats, its age, and a picture of its appearance.

What is important in a profile?

In a profile, you should present the most important facts about a person, an object or an animal as briefly and as briefly as possible.

What does a profile mean?

The warrant is a public request for the arrest of a person to be arrested who is at large or in hiding. In a figurative sense, the term “profile” is mainly used today for a brief, list-like presentation of the most important data on a person or on a topic.

What do you write in a letter?

Structure of a personal profileFacts about the person. First and Last Name. Birthday and place. Residence. Photo if possible.Characteristics of the person. Size. Weight. eye color. Hair color.Preferences of the person. Favourite colour. Favorite Food. favorite music. Hobbies and occupations. Person’s activity. Job. Voluntary work.

Why is the profile called a profile?

The wanted poster originally got its name from the “Femengericht”, a special type of medieval criminal court. If the subpoenaed defendant was not to be found at home, the subpoena was attached to the bolt on his gate.

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