What goes in the main body of a term paper?

What goes in the main body of a term paper?

The main part includes the elaboration of the topic of the term paper, bachelor thesis or master thesis. This includes a running text divided into chapters, which is structured by paragraphs and sections of meaning for better readability.

How do I start with the main part of a table of contents?

Summary: main part In the main part you summarize the most important steps. You should pay attention to the following formal aspects: Your own formulations in factual language (no quotations, no embellishments, no colloquial language) Reproduction of the timely correct sequence.

In what time do you write a book presentation?

The most important tense for a summary is the present tense. Events that take place one after the other or at the same time in the action are therefore in the present tense. Note, however, that events that took place before the actual action must be in a different tense.

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