What goes into a table of contents?

What goes into a table of contents?

Structure of the table of contents What type of text is the text (ballad, short story, fable, etc.) Title of the story, the film or the book, the time of writing, the name of the author of the story, the place and time of the plot, the main character (or the most important protagonists)

What comes at the end of a table of contents?

At the end of the table of contents you can write about the intention, the reason for the author, special features of the language or your own evaluation.

What must not appear in a table of contents under any circumstances?

Contents are always written in the present tense. In no case may the past tense be written. The length of the table of contents can be specified by the teacher.

What is the difference between an analysis and a summary?

Analysis examines the content. Table of contents indicates the content. In an analysis, one analyzes the text (linguistic stylistic means, language form, etc.).

What is a book analysis?

Text analysis is about analyzing a literary text or factual text for its important building blocks. In addition to the content, this also includes the structure and language of the source text. This enables you to critically examine the text and the underlying intention.

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