What goes into a tabular résumé?

What goes into a tabular résumé?

Basic structure of a tabular curriculum vitae Personal data (name, birthday, place of birth, nationality, marital status). Professional experience (all professional positions with indication of the period and key points for description in antichronological order).

What is the 2020 resume?

This data / content should be found in your résumé full address, telephone number, e-mail address, date and place of birth, marital status, nationality (only if this cannot be derived)

Where can I find resume templates in Word?

CV templates in Word – where can I find them? Go to the “File” tab in MS Word 2010 and click on “New”. The quickest way to get there is to enter “CV” as the keyword in the search box. In the same dialog box “New”> “Available templates” you can also call up the templates directly via a screen icon.

How do I insert a bar in Word?

As soon as a graphic is clicked in Word, the additional menu “Drawing tools / Format” appears. Click this menu to set the bar length.

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