What goes into the methodology?

What goes into the methodology?

In the methodology part, you explain how you conducted your research and how you arrived at your results. You address what methods you used to test a hypothesis, conduct a case study, or find the answer to your research question.

What is the difference between methodology and didactics?

The methodology prescribes in a planning manner how something can and should be offered, examined, presented, and in this way it differs from didactics in the narrower sense, which asks for the what, which determines the teaching goal and which determines the resulting teaching content .

What is meant by didactics?

The science of teaching, i.e. teaching and learning, is called didactics.

What are the didactic principles?

The didactic principles are: the didactic principle of development, the didactic principle of ensuring success, the didactic principle of activity, the didactic principle of clarity, the didactic principle of linkage, the didactic principle of clarity of purpose and the didactic …

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