What grade at 70 percent?

What grade at 70 percent?

Graduation key PC – lectures, NP ErnstingNotePercentage verbal1.7≥ 85good2.0≥ 80good2.3≥ 75good2.7≥ 70satisfactory7

What grade at 79 percent?

Percentage ranges per grade Grade Maximum number of points achieved in% 1 (very good) 100 – 962 (good) 95 – 803 (satisfactory) 79 – 604 (sufficient) 59 – 452

What grade at 73 percent?

Points achieved in lower secondary level in% Grade level87 – 100 very good73 – 86good59 – 72satisfactory45 – 58sufficient2 •

What percentage for which grade Abitur?

Presentation of the tablePointsNote in wordsRaw points15 very good95% 1490% 1385% 12good80% 12

Is 1 7 good or very good?

Grades can be expressed in words (such as “good”) as well as in numbers, here there are both the practice of “whole grades” (such as “2”) and decimal grades (such as “1.7”, “2.0”) “,” 2,3 “) to be awarded. A mark is a rating of a student’s achievement. Marks can be expressed in words (eg “Good”) and in numbers.

Is 1 5 very good or good?

It is not rounded, all digits after the first decimal place are cut off. If a 1.5 remains then it is very good, at 1.6 it is good.

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