What grade is sufficient?

What grade is sufficient?

Grading scale PC – lectures, NP ErnstingNote Percent verbal3.0≥ 65 satisfactory3.3≥ 60 satisfactory3.7≥ 55 sufficient4.0≥ 50 sufficient7

What is sufficient?

The grade “good” should be awarded if the performance fully meets the requirements. The grade “sufficient” should be awarded if the performance shows deficiencies but still meets the requirements overall.

What does censorship mean?

[…] The event took place in the form of a school grade (1=very good, 2=good, 3=satisfactory, 4=sufficient, 5=poor, 6=insufficient). Expressed in school grades, that would be a C (satisfactory) or D (fair) and, like you […]

What is a 3 minus?

GRADING LEVELS – GRADINGS Score corresponds to the grade as a decimal number Score in words 75 and 76 points 2.8 satisfactory 74 points 2.972 and 73 points 3.071 points 3.147

What do the grades 1 to 6 mean?

Semantics of grades 1 (“very good”) to 6 (“unsatisfactory”)

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