What grades do you need to have to study medicine?

What grades do you need to have to study medicine?

What grades do you need for medical school? Short answer: absolute top grades. This applies to all medical subjects such as human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. A high school diploma of 1.0 or better is ideal.3 days ago

How much does a surgeon earn per month?

The average starting salary for surgeons is between 44 euros gross per month. University clinics and private clinics tend to pay better than smaller hospitals or practices. Again, surgeons with the specializations: plastic and aesthetic surgery earn better than others.

What subjects do you need to become a surgeon?

ProfileRequired degrees. Studies in human medicine and further training to become a specialist in surgery. Further training. Neurosurgery. Important school subjects. Biology, chemistry, German, English, Latin, mathematics, physics, handicrafts. Entry salary as a specialist in surgery. €3,080 – 4,400.

What is the best section you can have?

School Best average Abi achieved The average grade was 2.33, said Minister of Education Lorz (CDU) on Monday. A grade of 1.0 was achieved 650 times. Only 3.6 percent of a total of 23,229 students did not get their university entrance qualification.

In which federal states is the Abitur easiest?

Inequality in school leaving qualifications A high school diploma from Lower Saxony is considered elsewhere as a secondary school leaving certificate. If you look at the grade point average, the Thuringians are the smartest high school graduates in Germany.

Who has the best Abitur in Germany?

The result: Saxony is still at the top in a comparison of the federal states in terms of education, followed by Bavaria and Thuringia. Last place this year is Berlin, replacing Bremen.

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