What happens after 78 weeks of sick pay?

What happens after 78 weeks of sick pay?

After 78 weeks, an employee’s entitlement to sick pay from the statutory health insurance company ends. After that, those affected receive the so-called unemployment benefit in the event of incapacity to work. Employers have to pay attention to a number of things when displacing affected employees.

What happens after reintegration?

After reintegration As soon as the employee is fully operational again, the employment relationship is resumed. Only then is the employer responsible for paying regular income again. During the reintegration, the employee is still considered to be on sick leave.

What do you do when you are expelled?

Abandoned What does that actually mean? Anyone who is still unable to return to work after 72 weeks will be excluded by the health insurance company. A strange term, which in principle is only intended to express that the health insurance company is no longer responsible.

How long continued payment of wages for various diseases?

Continued payment of wages in the event of several illnesses The employer does not have to continue paying wages indefinitely for each illness of the employee: Within a period of time (twelve-month period), he generally only pays for a total of six weeks (42 calendar days) due to the same illness.

How long do you have to work between 2 different illnesses?

However, if there are at least six months between two sick leave for the same illness, the employer pays full wages again for up to six weeks. In the case of a fixed-term employment contract, the continued payment of wages ends when the employment relationship ends.

How long can you be sick because of the same disease?

Sickness benefit is available for repeated incapacity to work due to the same illness for a maximum of 18 months in three years. The period is calculated from the start of the inability to work, i.e. it includes the employer’s continued payment of wages.

How long do I have to go back to work to get sick pay again?

You must be insured with entitlement to sick pay if you become unable to work again. In the meantime, you must not have been unable to work because of this illness for at least six months.

What happens if you are ill for more than 18 months?

In the event of incapacity to work due to the same illness, the statutory health insurance companies pay sickness benefit for a maximum of 78 weeks within three years. The termination of sickness benefit payments after 78 weeks is referred to as “control”.

How long can you be on sick leave for depression?

Employees can be sick six weeks a year without fear of losing their job. The health insurance company then takes over the continued payment of wages and there is no immediate threat of termination. What happens next in the case of prolonged depression at work depends on the individual prognosis.

How long can a general practitioner write sick leave?

Sick leave: You can take sick leave for so long at a time. The period of sick leave should not be longer than two weeks. This results from the inability to work guidelines § 5 paragraph 4. In exceptional cases, a certificate of incapacity to work may also be valid for a whole month …

What is allowed if you are on sick leave for depression?

Activities during sick leave: “Sick leave doesn’t mean that you’re bedridden,” explains Hensche. Anything that promotes recovery is allowed: “In the case of depression or burnout, it can even be important to do something, for example to do sports.

What can you do if you are on sick leave because of the psyche?

Hiking and physical activity can be helpful for psychological complaints such as sick leave for burnout or depression. In principle, even competitive sport is allowed if it does not endanger recovery.

What can I do while on sick leave?

If the employee feels fit again, he does not have to make full use of the sick leave. For example, as long as you are not suffering from an infectious disease, you can attend a works meeting if you wish and then go straight home afterwards.

How long will you be on sick leave for shingles?

Due to the high risk of infection with shingles, a sick leave is absolutely necessary. This must continue until all blisters have healed.

How long does shingles last in adults?

The pain usually goes away after 2 to 4 weeks as the rash subsides. If they persist for more than three months, it is called post-herpetic neuralgia. Very rarely does the pain return after it has disappeared.

How long should you not shower if you have shingles?

Note: Anyone suffering from shingles should maintain strict hygiene. There is a risk of infection, especially if the blisters are still filled with liquid. To be on the safe side, those affected should refrain from showering and bathing in the first few days so as not to spread the virus over a large area.

Should you take it easy on shingles?

In principle, you should take it easy on yourself if you have shingles and avoid stress. Visits to the sauna, swimming, sporting activities, etc. should only be resumed after you have fully recovered. In most cases, there is a complete remission of the pain and also the skin changes.

What can I do myself if I have shingles?

Shingles treatment: painkillers Acute pain from shingles can be alleviated with painkillers. Sometimes moderately effective agents such as paracetamol or acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) are sufficient. These also have an antipyretic effect. You can get them at pharmacies without a prescription.

Is bed rest necessary for shingles?

Treatment However, bed rest (sick leave also to prevent infection of other people!) is required. Shingles usually heals after 3 to 4 weeks.

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