What happens after a colon?

What happens after a colon?

Accordingly, after a colon, the first word of a complete sentence is written in uppercase but lowercase if it is a part of a sentence or a single word that is not a noun (see Duden dictionary of linguistic doubts, Mannheim 2016).

Is lower or upper case written after a colon?

However, if the colon is followed by a complete sentence, you should capitalize the beginning of the sentence! We know: we always write the beginning of sentences in capital letters. If the verbatim speech follows the colon after the quotation marks, it will start in capital letters.

When is a colon used?

The colon: (also the colon, ancient Greek for part of a sentence) is a punctuation mark that can be placed in front of a list, a quotation or a literal speech. He can also introduce explanations and summaries of what has been said before.

When to use colon and quotation marks

After the introduction of the verbatim speech, there is always a colon directly, i.e. without spaces, followed by a space and the opening quotation mark. This is followed by the verbatim speech (with a capital letter!), Which is concluded with a quotation mark.

Where can I find the colon?

If you have an English keyboard, the colon is not on the lower right key as usual. Instead, on British and American keyboards, you can only enter punctuation using a keyboard shortcut.

Where is the dot on the keyboard?

On keyboards with the assignment E1 according to DIN, the center point is set with the key combination Alt Gr +. (Point) entered.

Where can I find the mark on the iPhone?

It’s easy on the iPhone or iPad: Switch to the numeric and special characters keyboard and hold down the “&” sign. Voilà, the “§” character appears.

Where is that on the American keyboard?

Enter the at sign (@) on the English keyboard English keyboard (UK): Press the keys [Shift] + [‚] (above the right [Shift]Key) English keyboard (USA): Press the keys [Shift] + [2]English (Canada) keyboard: Press the keys [AltGr] + [2]Mac: [Alt] + [L]

Where is the character on the English keyboard?

To do this, hold down the ALT key and then enter “64” on the numeric keypad. Then the @ -sign appears, no matter in which country or which keyboard you are sitting on (this only has to have a number pad).

Is the same on the English keyboard?

The following letters and characters on a German keyboard are not available on a US keyboard and must be entered using an Alt key combination … Write on a German keyboard with US characters. ~ TildeShift + ^ ← left next to 1 = equal sign´ ← right next to ß + Plus sign Shift + ´ ← to the right of ßY letter YZZ letter ZY23

What do I have to press to find characters?

Usually only a fixed part of a mail address, the “@” is also suitable for addressing someone directly in a chat or in an e-mail with several addressees. With the key combination “Alt Gr” + “Q” the character can be set quickly.

How do you get the AT symbol?

With Windows and Linux you can set the @ sign by pressing the “Q” + “AltGr” keys.

How do you write the character?

On the usual German (MF2) keyboard, the @ sign is the third assignment on the Q key and can be entered using the Alt-Gr key.

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