What happens during an audit?

What happens during an audit?

An audit examines whether processes, requirements and guidelines meet the required standards. Such an examination procedure often takes place within the framework of quality management. The audits are carried out by a specially trained auditor.

How do I perform an audit?

The following 6 steps are necessary to carry out an audit: Initiate an internal audit. Prepare internal audit. Carry out an internal audit. Prepare an internal audit report. Complete the internal audit. Identify improvement measures.

Why do you do internal audits?

Internal audit (1st party audit) An audit is an important instrument to promote precisely this type of communication. It is very good when internal processes, for example, are scrutinized. Questioning your own company organization is called an internal audit or 1st party audit.

How does ISO 9001 certification work?

If your QM system has been certified according to ISO 9001, the certificate is valid for 3 years. ISO 9001 expressly requires continuous improvement of the QMS so that an annual monitoring audit takes place until the next recertification.

Why can companies be certified according to ISO 9001?

An ISO 9001 certification means an image gain for the company because it documents and proves its striving for quality. The transparency of the processes increases the understanding of the employees and simplifies, for example, the training of new employees.

Why can hospitals be certified?

The KTQ certification gives the hospital an opportunity to present the hospital’s quality to the public. The structured quality report according to KTQ serves this purpose. The hospital is responsible for creating the draft of the quality report.

Who must be ISO 9001 certified?

ISO 9001 requires you to assess external providers (i.e. providers of processes, products and services). However, the company itself determines the criteria for this assessment. A supplier’s ISO 9001 certification can be a criterion here, but it does not have to be.

Who Needs ISO 9001?

The standard (ISO 9001) is not only limited to large industrial companies, small companies with only three employees, cinemas, restaurants, pharmacies or clubs can have a well-established QMS. The motives for introducing a QMS are as diverse as the companies themselves.

Is ISO 9001 mandatory?

The ISO revision of 9001 came into force in December last year. From December 2010, a certification process according to the new standard will be mandatory for everyone.

What do you need for ISO 9001?

The prerequisite for ISO 9001 certification is an orderly company with planned processes and a structured organizational structure. All requirements are based on the ISO 9001 standard.

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