What happens if I can no longer pay the health insurance?

What happens if I can no longer pay the health insurance?

What happens if the health insurance contributions are not paid? Due to the compulsory insurance in Germany, you cannot be thrown out of the insurance. Due to the unpaid contributions, you will first receive reminders and payment requests from the health insurance company.

What happens if you are no longer insured?

If you are not insured and therefore do not pay any insurance contributions, you have to reckon with a number of consequences: Contribution debts accumulate. In case of doubt, customs will collect them, for example by garnishing an account. In addition, insurers charge late payment penalties.

How do I find out if I’m insured?

As an employee, you are voluntarily insured if you regularly earn more than EUR 5,212.50 per month for a year. This amount is the monthly compulsory insurance limit for 2020.

Do you have health insurance if you don’t get unemployment benefits?

If you are unemployed without receiving benefits, i.e. you do not receive any state aid, the costs for your health insurance will not be covered either. However, since you are legally obliged to take out insurance, your only option is voluntary insurance with a health insurance company.

Where am I insured if I am unemployed?

During the period in which you are receiving unemployment benefit I, you are generally required to have health and long-term care insurance. This means that you automatically remain insured with TK. The employment agency will pay for you during this period.

Is there health insurance during the lockdown?

Health insurance during the blocking period Although entitlement to unemployment benefit is suspended during the blocking period, compulsory insurance begins at the beginning of the second month of the blocking period. Compulsory insurance begins on April 16, 2017.

Who pays for health insurance if you give notice?

The Employment Agency pays the contributions to health and nursing care insurance from the first month of unemployment – even if you have given notice yourself and have not yet received unemployment benefit I due to a blocking period. The situation is different if you have received a severance payment.

Who pays for health insurance in the event of unemployment without drawing benefits?

Without ALG entitlement, no contribution payment Because if you are unemployed and do not receive any salary from the employment agency, you will not receive any co-payments for your health insurance contribution. In this respect, those affected must take out health insurance themselves and bear the costs themselves.

Who pays for health insurance in a termination agreement?

Anyone who concludes a termination agreement also risks their insurance cover in the statutory health and social care insurance. In principle, however, there is no protection in the statutory health insurance if unemployment benefit is not paid due to a severance payment.

Who pays health insurance during lockdown?

The employment agency pays the contributions to health and long-term care insurance for you – even if you do not receive unemployment benefit at the beginning of your unemployment due to a blocking period.

Who pays health insurance for severance pay?

Severance pay and health insurance A severance payment that is made as a one-time payment due to the termination of employment is non-contributory in relation to health insurance. This applies to both statutory and private health insurance companies.

Do you still have health insurance after the termination agreement?

How long does the health insurance continue to exist after a termination agreement? The health insurance expired with immediate effect after termination of the employment relationship. As a rule, the employee is then insured by the employment agency.

How long do you still have health insurance after deregistration?

After the end of your employment relationship, you are still entitled to health insurance benefits in kind (= medical treatment) for 6 weeks. The entitlement to sick pay for new cases of illness is maintained for 3 weeks.

How long are you insured with the health insurance company Austria?

A protection period is a post-insurance period during which health insurance still grants benefits, although compulsory insurance no longer exists – for example because someone has lost their job. The protection period usually lasts six weeks for benefits in kind (e.g. medical treatment).

How long do you have health insurance after completing your training?

In the health insurance often up to the 25th birthday in the statutory health insurance without paying a contribution. The family insurance also applies after the 18th birthday, provided the children are still going to school, studying or doing a voluntary social year.

How am I insured after the training?

Trainees pay unemployment insurance contributions during their training. Anyone who has paid in for 12 months acquires an entitlement to unemployment benefit 1 through the insurance company. If you receive unemployment benefit 1, you are automatically also covered by health insurance.

What happens when family insurance ends?

What happens after family insurance ends? If the family insurance ends, the insurance continues according to § 188 Para. 4 SGB V as a voluntary membership (obligatory follow-up insurance) with the same health insurance company, if there are no grounds for exclusion.

When is one no longer family insured?

Children can remain insured in the family insurance up to the age of 23, provided they are not yet working themselves. If the children take up studies or vocational training without pay, the free co-insurance is extended up to the age of 25.

How long can you stay in family insurance?

Basically, all co-insured family members must have their place of residence in Germany. Provided that the income limit is not exceeded, children (and foster children) can be insured up to their 18th birthday.

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