What happens if the student works more than 20 hours?

What happens if the student works more than 20 hours?

During the lecture period, students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week – otherwise they are considered employees and lose their student status in social security. Bafög, part-time job, scholarship or loan – how students can get money for their studies.

How can I repeat a semester?

The most important thing at a glance: In principle, semesters cannot be repeated, only the corresponding exams. It is important to know the course plan and the study regulations so that you do not experience any nasty surprises if you fail an exam.

What happens if you fail an exam 3 times?

If you fail a binding third attempt, you lose the right to be examined for your degree program and you are no longer allowed to study it. Your examination office will then send you a corresponding notification and initiate de-registration.

How often can I retake an exam?

How often can I repeat the final exam? You can retake the exam twice. If you have taken the exam three times without success, there is no longer any possibility of taking the final exam in this training occupation.

How many times can one repeat the master?

§ 22 Repetition of the master’s examination (1) The individual failed parts of the master’s examination can be repeated three times.

When do I have to go to the re-examination training?

If an intermediate examination is planned during an apprenticeship, this takes place in the middle of the apprenticeship period, provided that these requirements are met: The trainer must register the trainee for the intermediate examination. The intermediate examination is the prerequisite for admission to the later final examination.

When does the training contract end if the exam is not passed?

If the trainee does not pass the exam, the training relationship ends on the end date of the training contract, unless the trainee requests the trainee to extend the training. If no extension is requested, the trainee can register for the repeat examination himself.

How often can you repeat state exams as a teacher?

If the First State Examination has been passed, it can be repeated once (twice with a free attempt) to improve grades. In this case, the first state examination must be repeated in its entirety (all subjects except EWS). It is not possible to repeat only one subject in which one would like to improve.

How often can you repeat the state examination in pharmacy?

§ 15 Passing and repeating examinations (3) Every failed examination in a subject can be repeated twice. If the second repeat examination in a subject is not passed, the entire examination section is not passed.

How many state exams in pharmacy?

The main course ends with the second examination section (2nd state examination), five oral exams in the subjects “Pharmaceutical Chemistry”, “Pharmaceutical Biology”, “Pharmacology”, “Pharmaceutical Technology / Biopharmacy” and “Clinical Pharmacy”. In each of them you will be tested for 30 minutes on a subject.

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